It’s Almost Time I know the Lexus IS is a far cry from a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche, but the company made one of the best supercars of all time (the LFA), and its sports sedans are certainly nothing to forget. The Lexus IS is the company’s BMW 3-series competitor.Read More →

But as Mexico moves to a new level of economic activity starting Monday, June 1, government health authorities acknowledged last week that coronavirus cases continue to rise nationally despite a stay-at-home program that began March 23 and was to end Sunday, May 31. Reuters reported that Mexico had more thanRead More →

But there are supply risks, too. In the next week or two, it should become clear whether factories can operate consistently without sparking a second wave of widespread infections. So far, there have been only brief stoppages to clean work areas after people were found to be sick. Here’s hopingRead More →