Buffing is simply the method of smoothing the minor excessive and low spots on a floor till it’s completely easy. Usually it’s carried out with cloth wheels and abrasive compounds of varied sorts. You progressively transfer from a really aggressive, to a much less aggressive compound, and matching wheel, till you polish your piece to a close to mirror end.


To get began you will want a set of compounds and several other sprucing wheels, plus a motor to mount them to. In case you are simply beginning out and don’t have something, Eastwood affords Merchandise 1/2 HP Buff Motor, Buff Shop Kit & Buff Stand #13545 for an reasonably priced worth that has every part you will want for many sprucing jobs. Or order Eastwood Buffing Kit #50341, with smaller 6 inch sprucing wheels, compounds and buffs and bobs to mount in your handheld drill for sprucing smaller and irregular objects. There are different kits for extra particular tasks too, and every part is bought individually too.

Eastwood Steel Buffing Equipment

All Eastwood buffing kits embody the fundamentals: Spiral and unfastened sewn sprucing wheels, plus Tripoli, grey stainless, white rouge and jeweler’s rouge compounds and extra. Begin with the extra aggressive wheels and compounds for the 1st step, then transfer to step 2 and the ultimate polish of step 3. NOTE: Situation of the work piece dictates the steps mandatory. Some items could solely require ultimate ending (Step 3).

Here’s a useful reference chart for what wheel and compound to make use of the place:

*Use warning to forestall buffing via plating.


For profitable buffing, it will be important that the motor and buffing wheel you employ are matched. In case your motor isn’t highly effective sufficient for the wheel you’re utilizing, the motor won’t be able to keep up correct pace. If the motor turns too quick, extra warmth will construct up and the work piece would possibly change into completely discolored. Use the chart above to decide on the correct motor/wheel mixture. Completely different wheel thicknesses might be achieved by stacking buffs collectively.

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