How to Choose Blast Media

Abrasive blasting has been used for a few years to wash and take away rust, paint and corrosion. There are a lot of kinds of abrasive media out there, the most typical being Aluminum OxideSilicon Carbide, and Glass Bead. These media have an aggressive minimize and may quickly take away paint and rust. Nevertheless, they’ll additionally generate important warmth, doubtlessly leading to warped metallic and etched surfaces, they usually can’t be used on fiberglass. Additionally, chrome, plastic, rubber, trim, and different components should be faraway from the automotive or masked-off earlier than blasting.

Alternatively, less-aggressive media, comparable to Walnut Shell, will do a fantastic job at eradicating paint. Walnut Shell doesn’t generate as a lot warmth as different media, and can be utilized on sheet metallic and fiberglass with out damaging the bottom materials. Nevertheless, Walnut Shell as with every abrasive media, would require extra clean-up because it leaves particles within the automotive physique’s seams and crevices that may be tough to fully take away.

This straightforward desk will make it simple to search out the proper media it doesn’t matter what floor you might be blasting, and what you are attempting to take away

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