‘LaCorvette’ C8 Rocks Ferrari Badges With Gusto, Owner Thinks It’s Better Than Maranello’s Creations

GM’s decision to build a mid-engined Corvette has probably been the best decision yet for the nameplate, as it has given the Vette performance levels on par with much more expensive exotic supercars.

Switching to midship configuration has also dramatically altered the Corvette’s proportions, making it look a lot more like the aforementioned exotics than the previous-generation Corvette C7.

In the right color, the Corvette C8 can easily be mistaken for a Ferrari, for example. The owner of a red 2020 Corvette decided to have a little fun by replacing the stock badges with Ferrari’s Prancing Horse logos.

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We’re talking about Damon Fryer from DailyDrivenExotics, who posted a photo of his rebadged Corvette C8 on Instagram with the cheeky caption “Patiently waiting for my cease and desist.”

That’s obviously a reference to the Italian company’s cease and desist letters that some owners have received in recent years for modifying their Ferraris in ways that are not consistent with the brand’s image.

Anyway, the 2020 Corvette looks really legit with the Ferrari badges, almost as if it came straight from the Maranello factory in Italy. Should the owner add a set of Ferrari wheels to it, the Corvette C8 would make an even more believable Ferrari impression. Actually, the owner believes the 2020 Corvette is better than a Ferrari and deserves to be called ‘LaCorvette’ – and he explains why in the video below.


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