Infiniti G35 Driver Desperately Needs Some Donut Lessons

If you don’t know how to do donuts in a car, practicing in the middle of an intersection with people watching on probably isn’t the best idea. Clearly, no one told this to the driver of the following Infiniti G35.

It would appear as though this incident happened during a recent Black Lives Matter protest in the U.S., though rather than protesting, the Infiniti driver (who was wearing a face mask) thought it would be a good idea to make the most of the opportunity to try and powerslide the car. Turns out it was a bad idea after all…

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While trying to do a donut in the middle of the intersection, the driver can be seen getting a little too happy with the throttle and slides the G35 directly into a curb. In all likelihood embarrassed, the driver decided against getting out of the car to inspect the damage and instead quickly accelerated away from the scene.

All it takes is a quick look at this video to understand that some serious damage has likely been caused to the suspension, pushing the wheel out of position, and as someone on Reddit says, giving it heaps of ‘positive camber,’ while another jokes that the car now effectively has rear-wheel steering. In addition to the inevitable suspension damage, the car looks to be rolling on a set of expensive Rays Volk Racing TE37 wheels, one of which is now very clearly bent and will need to be replaced.

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