These Ford Mustang Taillights Reading ‘LOL RUN’ Are Oh So Apt

The Ford Mustang has a well-documented past of being a ‘crowd killer’, so the owners of these Mustangs have turned their pony cars into rolling public service announcements.

We recently came across these two images on Reddit, with one showing an orange fifth-gen Mustang in Evansville, Indiana while the second shows a silver fifth-gen example. Both have LED taillights that spell out ‘LOL RUN.’

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Neither of the images shared online are particularly high quality and both were shot through windshields covered in rain. Consequently, it is difficult to tell if the owners have simply used black tape to cover up parts of the taillights to create the custom message or if they have instead modified the LEDs themselves to spell out ‘LOL RUN’. Whatever the case may be, it’s funny and very apt for the Mustang.

Fitting a Mustang with license plates that read ‘LOL RUN’ would also be great idea, but we particularly like the idea of spelling out the same message with the taillights. Seemingly more often than not, crashes involving the Mustang see the driver lose control of the rear end with the car proceeding to spin around and strike curbs, barriers, or people from the rear first rather than head-on. Thus, if you ever find yourself with a Mustang sliding towards you and its taillights spell out a message like this, consider yourself warned…

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