Automakers need new ventures with entrepreneurs

To put it simply, “Buy low, sell high.”

Because of crumbling oil prices and the spread of COVID-19, we’re facing combined supply-and-demand shocks. But the history of the World War II-era CEOs shows that pandemics create incredible financial opportunities for those with the vision to create them.

While many were writing epitaphs for traditional automakers as game changers and disrupters stormed the gates, this pandemic has proved to be a pivot point in the future of smart mobility.

Many automakers have considerable experience weathering similar global setbacks and have demonstrated an ability to persevere, rebuild and expand.

This time they will seek out entrepreneurial leaders to develop smart mobility, connected products and business models that evolve from the challenges the pandemic brings.

Worldwide shelter-in-place orders have led to a paradigm shift from the office atmosphere to a work-from-home culture, opening the door for countless new products and services in the automotive industry and beyond.

Through venture development, automakers can rise from the ashes of the global economy, replacing lost revenue with opportunities including contactless delivery and payments, curbside commerce, new vehicle-ownership models and a rethinking of the entire gig economy.

With these rapidly accelerating trends comes the opportunity for equally rapidly accelerating growth. Some might even call it the perfect storm for venture development and investment.

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