Rimac Scalatan Is A 3,000 HP Hypercar For The Year 2080

Thought the upcoming Rimac C_Two was cool? Well, this bold concept dubbed the Rimac Scalatan Vision 2080 from designer Maximilian Schneider is even more outlandish.

Schneider created this wild concept as part of the recent Rimac Design Challenge on Instagram, where the Croatian car manufacturer asked fans to design a Rimac for the year 2080. The Scalatan was selected as the winner and it’s not hard to understand why.

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The bold concept is built around a 3D-‘carboprinted’ titanium-graphite frame that is incredibly strong while also being very light. Schneider has imagined the Scalatan as using an all-electric powertrain pumping out no less than 3,080 hp, which, when combined with a weight of just 940 kg (2,072 lbs), would be enough to make the Rimac C_Two seem underpowered and heavy.

One interesting aspect of the concept are its tires that use memory carbon nanotube technology, meaning they can change their tread and surface patch based on the required grip at any given time. What’s more, the wheels themselves are said to be five times lighter than an ordinary wheel.

Being a car designed for so far in the future, the Rimac Scalatan Vision 2080 also includes advanced autonomous driving systems that will handle most of the driving duties. However, owners would be able to drive the car within a given safety net.

It’s impossible to accurately predict what the world of performance cars will look like in 60 years, but if it is anything like this, we have a lot to look forward to.

Note: These illustrations come from designer Maximilian Schneider as part of the recent Rimac Design Challenge and are not from the Croatian carmaker itself.



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