Lordstown Endurance Teased Again, Hydra Design Labs In Charge Of Styling And Prototyping

Next week, Lordstown Motors will unveil a full-scale prototype of its Endurance electric truck for the first time.

For the design and prototyping of the EV, the electric vehicle startup has collaborated with California-based Hydra Design Studio, which has also created the realistic renderings of the Endurance truck we saw a couple of weeks ago.

Founded in 2010 by veteran automotive designer Jon Hull, Hydra Design Labs has a team of experienced designers and specialists with an average of over 30 years of OEM experience in designing, modeling and prototyping vehicles.

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Lordstown Endurance clay model

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Lordstown Motors project, helping make history with the world’s first all-electric pickup truck,” said Jon Hull, founder and president of Hydra Design Labs. “Our goal with designing the Endurance was to create a rugged platform that could deliver on the demands of fleet-duty pickup. We were able to leverage the layout of the electric drivetrain to explore unique new design solutions,” he added.

Hydra Design Labs worked with Lordstown Motors for the general design of the Endurance electric pickup, including the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The company did CAD design surfacing, scale modeling, and full-size prototyping.

The two companies are now actively working on the prototype show car that will be unveiled sometime next week. Lordstown Motors says production of the Endurance is scheduled for late 2020, with vehicle deliveries set to commence in the first quarter of 2021.

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