Red Light Runner Punts Semi’s Axle, Sends It Drifting Out Of Control

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse; drifting, out of control semis are apparently a thing.

While this clip starts out innocently enough, things quickly take a turn for the worse when the driver of the dashcam-equipped vehicle pulls onto the main road.

Shortly after this happens, a semi goes through the intersection and is hit by a car which reportedly ran a red light. The force of the impact sent the semi’s trailer flying up into the air and caused it to lose the rear axle.

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The trailer then came crashing down to the ground and went at a 45 degree angle, blocking the entire roadway. Since semis can’t stop on a dime, the trailer plowed into the dashcam-equipped vehicle and pushed it off the road.

While there’s no word on how much damage the accident caused, the YouTuber said the incident occurred in Columbia County, Florida earlier this month. They added that everyone involved was “okay,” except for the passenger in the car who was “hurt pretty bad.”

The YouTuber went on to say a couple of lawsuits have already been filed, but “liability has been proven on the car that ran the red light.” However, it remains unclear if anyone was ticketed over the accident.

Regardless, the video is a good remember to always pay attention to the road as it could have prevented the accident in the first place.


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