How to Powder Coat Two-Tone and Apply Multi-Coats

Powder coating is extra sturdy than any paint, however many individuals don’t understand it may be simply as versatile. There isn’t a must restrict your self to a single coloration powder coat on a undertaking, and have you ever seen the pearls, metallics and different customized powders Eastwood has now?

A customized two-tone, or multi coloration powder coating is as straightforward to do with all of the Easwood PCS-1000 or Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Guns and Eastwood HotCoat powders as it might be for paint, simply observe these steps:

  1. 1) Apply the primary coloration, remedy it, let it cool.
  2. 2) Masks with high-temp powder-coating tape, utilizing aluminum foil as masking materials the best way you’d use craft paper when masking for paint.
  3. 3) Making certain an excellent floor is a crucial level in a number of coats, you might have to attache the bottom in an not noticeable place that has not been coated.
  4. 4) Apply the second coloration, then put the entire undertaking within the oven once more for curing.
  5. 5) When finished, rigorously pull the tape and foil away.


There are two forms of high-temp masking tape for powder coating: Fiberglass Tape in 1/2 inch and 1 inch widths, and the Polyester High-Temp Tape. Fiberglass tape is extra versatile on irregular and curved surfaces, however leaves a fuzzier line. The polyester tape leaves a sharper line, however is much less versatile.

And naturally the Eastwood Dual-Voltage HotCoat Powder Coating Gun is nice at making use of a number of coats of powder, or any powder coating you intend on doing.


To keep away from any points with assuring an excellent floor there’s one other various method you should use. This method turns into a necessity if doing a tri-color scheme, or extra advanced sample.Simply observe these steps:

  1. 1) Pre-heat the half after masking with masking tape and foil.
  2. 2) Pull the recent half from the oven.
  3. 3) Apply the second coloration which is able to stick and partially soften to the recent half immediately.
  4. 4) Place the half again within the oven for a closing remedy.

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