Ford Says Mustang Mach-E’s “Intelligent Range” Helps Reduce Range Anxiety

Even though more and more people have begun embracing electric vehicles in recent years, range anxiety is still holding a number of customers back – which is perfectly understandable since range can be affected by many factors and the EV charging infrastructure is nowhere near as widespread as that of petrol stations.

In order to help put customers’ minds at ease, Ford came up with something called Intelligent Range for the all-electric Mustang Mach -E. This feature will calculate your range based on past driver behavior, as well as weather forecasts.

Since warmer or colder weather can also impact an EVs range, this function will take outside temperature into consideration too, updating your estimated range along the way.

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“Electric vehicle customers need to be able to trust their range estimates,” said Ford exec Darren Palmer. “People want to be confident they’re going to make it where they need to go, whether they’re on a road trip or coming home from work. Our new Intelligent Range feature helps ensure Mustang Mach-E owners around the globe know where they stand ahead of time, freeing them up to enjoy the ride.”

The system will even make calculations based on crowdsourced data from other connected Ford EVs who choose to share this information. In turn, this helps the Mustang Mach-E track how much energy is used in different circumstances, including varying speed and terrain. This means that the vehicle will know what to expect even if you find yourself on a road where you’ve never driven before.

Going forward, the U.S. carmaker wants the Mach-E to take even more advantage of cloud-connected capabilities, enabling it to factor in real-time traffic conditions, road slope, terrain and elevation, and even the temperature at your final destination.

Now, if for some reason you do run out of juice, the Ford Roadside Assistance program will tow your Mustang Mach-E free of charge to wherever you need to go within 35 miles (56 km). If your home, the nearest charge station or dealership is more than 35 miles (56 km) away, then you will be taken to the closest location available.

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