This 2021 Kia Sedona Rendering Is Based On The Official Sketch

Last week, Kia released an official teaser image depicting the all-new fourth generation Sedona (Carnival) in Korean specification. We’ve known however that the popular minivan would make the switch to a more current design language for some time.

Even those fully camouflaged prototypes gave us a little something to go on, and of course, our own Josh Byrnes came out with his illustration just three weeks ago.

This one however, courtesy of Kolesa, is based entirely on the previously-mentioned teaser sketch, which was quite revealing from a design standpoint.

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Here’s what we can expect: a recognizable “tiger nose” grille, angular headlights with new graphics and a more straightforward design with less curves and more lines, overall. The floating pillar design is an interesting touch too, as it applies to all pillars, A through D.

This artist also tried his hand at picturing the rear end, coming up with a full-width taillight design, with a chrome insert in the middle to support the Kia badge. In reality though, there’s no telling what the rear end will look like.

The interior remains a mystery as well, as does the engine range, even though we can speculate on that latter front. Since the new Sedona will utilize the same platform as the Sorento, we could see it sharing engines with the latter, such as the 277 HP turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder unit.

A plug-in hybrid option and a 2.2-liter diesel could also make the cut.

Kia will likely unveil the 2021 Sorento / Carnival soon, seen as how sales are scheduled to commence in Korea in Q3 of this year.

Note: This is an independent illustration made by Kolesa and is not endorsed by or related to Kia in any way

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