Take An Exclusive Close-Up Look At The McLaren Senna LM

Usually when a limited-run version of a car hits the market, its manufacturer publishes an official press release, photos, and videos. McLaren, however, has not followed that practice with the Senna LM.

Late last year, a series of images were posted online of a special McLaren Senna LM delivered to McLaren Glasgow. It is understood that McLaren is building 20 examples of the LM, each of which is said to be based on the chassis of the Senna GTR. If they are included in the total production run of the limited edition, it might mean that just 55 examples of the Senna GTR will be produced, as opposed to the 75 units originally planned.

This particular Senna LM is painted in Papaya Orange and was recently delivered in New Zealand, making it the only unit in Australiasia. While McLaren isn’t talking about the car, a representative from the McLaren Auckland dealership is.

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As the name implies, the Senna LM takes inspiration from the legendary McLaren F1 LM. This is most apparent with the paint scheme and other special touches that include the five-spoke wheels, roof scoop, a host of gloss carbon fiber parts, and unique trimmings around the headlights.

Because McLaren itself has never officially commented on the car, powertrain specifications remain unclear. We do know it uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 like the ‘regular’ Senna, and in this video we learn that it sports ported and polished heads and that it’s been blueprinted by MSO. There is also a unique gold-painted exhaust system, and while the brand manager from McLaren Auckland doesn’t say how much power it has, he suggests it is more than the 789 hp of the Senna.


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