Bentley ends Mulsanne production, focuses on ‘sustainable future’

Technicians completing work on the second-to-last Mulsanne (the final one’s a secret) | Bentley photos

Bentley has ended production of its flagship Mulsanne this week after 11 years of crafting the exclusive sedan at its Crewe, U.K., factory.

A special series of Mulsanne 6.75 Edition sedans comprised the final 30 cars built, named in honor of the 6.75-liter L-series V8 that also ends production after 61 years powering various Bentley models.  That engine was the world’s longest-serving V8 design.


With the departure of the Mulsanne, the role of flagship passes to the Flying Spur, Bentley said in a news release.  That most likely will be a temporary assignment as the British automaker creates its next top model, as well as preparing for electric-vehicle production.

Bentley is not revealing the owner of the last Mulsanne, calling it “a closely guarded secret” and noting only that the final car is “extremely special.” Photos with the news release show the penultimate example, “finished in Rose Gold over Tungsten.”

The Bentley was named after the famed Mulsanne Straight of the Le Mans racing circuit, where the marque has won the 24-hour competition six times. 

“The Mulsanne is the culmination of all that we at Bentley have learnt during our first 100 years in producing the finest luxury cars in the world,” the automaker’s chairman and chief executive Adrian Hallmark said in the release. “As the flagship of our model range for over a decade, the Mulsanne has firmly solidified its place in the history of Bentley as nothing less than a true icon. 

as we begin Bentley’s journey to define the future of sustainable luxury
mobility through our Beyond100 strategy, the role of Bentley flagship is passed
to the new Flying Spur.”

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