Japan Asks U.S. To Extradite Men Who Orchestrated Carlos Ghosn’s Escape

Japan is asking the United States to extradite two of the men allegedly behind Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan in December last year.

Ex-Green Beret Michael Taylor and his son Peter were arrested in Massachusetts in May after Japan issued warrants for their arrest. U.S. authorities have confirmed a formal extradition request has been submitted by Japan.

Michael Taylor, 59, and his 27-year-old son Peter Taylor are thought to have been keen in orchestrating Ghosn’s escape from Japan, BBC reports.

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Prosecutors in Japan claim that Peter Taylor flew to the country and met with Ghosn at a Grand Hyatt Hotel for approximately one hour on December 28, 2019. The following day, Michael Taylor flew into Osaka, Japan on a chartered Bombardier Global Express jet from Dubai. From here, a series of events fitting of a Hollywood film unfolded.

It is understood that later that day, Michael Taylor and his accomplice George-Antonie Zayek met with Peter Taylor and Carlos Ghosn at the hotel in Tokyo and split up. While Peter is thought to have left the country and flown to China, Michael Taylor and Zayek boarded a bullet train with Ghosn and traveled to Osaka. The trio then caught a taxi to a nearby hotel. They checked in, went up to their room, and Ghosn allegedly climbed inside a box ordinarily used for transporting audio equipment.

They then left the hotel and went to the airport where the box passed through security without being checked and was loaded on to a private jet that flew to Turkey. Once in Turkey, Ghosn, Taylor, and Zayek got on a second private jet and flew to Beirut, Lebanon.

It remains to be confirmed if U.S. authorities will agree to extradite the Taylors.

Photo credits: Opening image via Thesupermat/Wikimedia Commons

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