Tired Of Stupid Drivers, This Mustang Fights Back

Ford Mustang owners crash with alarming regularity, but it appears the pony car has learned to fight back.

As you can see in this clip noticed by Redditors, the driver of this fourth-generation Mustang was trying to do donuts in front of a crowd.

While Mustang owners should know that showing off is a bad idea, this driver didn’t get the memo. As a result, the car retaliated and threw the driver outside as they swung the rear end around.

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With the driver still on the pavement, the car began rolling forward. The driver jumped up and began chasing after the Mustang, but they weren’t fast enough as the model rolled off the pavement and down an embankment.

The video ends there, so it’s unclear how much damage was caused by the off-road excursion. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the model suffered some minor front end damage.

Regardless, the clip is a good reminder that you should always wear your seat belt and make sure your doors are securely latched. You never know when your Mustang might want to kick you out.


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