Driver Loses Control, Goes Catapulting Over A Fence, Hits Parked Car And Tree

A 28-year-old man is lucky to be alive after surviving a spectacular crash in Brampton, Canada.

While it’s hard to see in the video, the Peel Regional Police said the driver was traveling on Williams Parkway when they lost control.

The car then began fishtailing, before hitting the curb. It then exited the roadway and, as per the official police report, went catapulting over the fence that separates Commodore Drive from Williams Parkway.

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As the car continued rolling, it hit a parked vehicle which sent it tumbling into a tree. The vehicle then spun out of view as tires and other components come crashing to the ground.

The extent of the damage makes the vehicle almost unrecognizable, but it looks like it might be a BMW 1-Series Coupe. Regardless, the driver was taken to a hospital with minor injuries and then released.

While the driver managed to escape with his life, he’s not getting off scot-free as the police arrested him for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. Details are limited, but authorities said the “investigation revealed that the driver was operating his motor vehicle in a dangerous manner, which caused the car to lose control.”

That isn’t much to go on, but Constable Danny Marttini told the Toronto Sun, “I can’t say for sure speed is a factor, but it’s for sure something [investigators] will be looking at.”

The unnamed driver was released from custody and is slated to appear in front of the Ontario Court of Justice on September 16th.


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