Wince As A Lamborghini Aventador SV And A Murcielago SV Slowly Run Into Each Other

A Lamborghini Murcielago SV and an Aventador SV recently had a bit of a run-in at a track day event in what was a truly bizarre accident.

Footage from the scene shows the yellow Aventador SV and orange Murcielago SV following a Huracan safety car onto the racetrack. Oddly, the two slowly hit each other as they creep along at less than walking speed.

It’s impossible to say for sure what was the exact reason behind the collision, but it seems likely both the driver of the Aventador and the driver of the Murcielago weren’t paying attention and ended up slowly drifting into each other. Just after contact was made, the duo stopped and those in attendance started to quickly assess the damage.

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The most significant damage was sustained by the yellow Aventador SV, as its driver’s side front wheel has been scratched up and will either need to be repainted or replaced entirely. Additionally, it was left with some scratches on the front fender.

As for the Murcielago SV, its damage looks to be limited to the passenger side skirt that has been severely scratched and scraped. Repairing the cars won’t be cheap, but we suspect the owners have more than enough spare change lying around to replace the scratched-up parts.

Now, while the newer Aventador SV is the quicker of the two, it is the older Murcielago SV that is significantly rarer. In fact, whereas Lamborghini built 600 examples of the Aventador SV Coupe and 500 units of the Aventador SV Roadster, there are just 186 Murcielago SV models in existence.


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