AutoTopNL Drives An Ariel Atom Mk 3.5

Few automobiles on the market within the supercar world peel again the know-how (and physique panels) fairly as a lot as an Ariel Atom. It takes the essence of a efficiency automotive and makes use of the Lotus mantra to excessive impact, particularly “Simplify, then add lightness.”

The Ariel Atom Mk 3.5 weighs simply 600 Kg, or 1323 lbs. It produces wherever from 250 HP on the base mannequin, as much as 350 for the absolutely kitted out supercharged model, to 500+ for those who get the V8 mannequin.

Guess which one AutoTopNL bought to drive? The supercharged one, in fact!

The primary 6 minutes or so of the video is a proof of all of the choices and gear that the proprietor, who’s or was promoting the automotive, had fitted, together with the aero package, a modified windshield, plexiglass facet paneling, and a limited-slip differential. Have in mind, as he’s describing the specs and the setup, that the Ariel Atom can speed up quicker than a Ferrari Enzo.

Ariel Atom Mk 3.5
Fast on the common streets…

The following eight or so minutes is AutoTopNL fairly actually screaming his head off any time he touches the throttle, and we don’t blame him.

When the supercharger whine kicks in, and the automotive launches down the highway on the slightest prod of the fitting toe, it’s like he’s transported from an everyday driving machine right into a world the place acceleration and pace are on a completely totally different degree.

Ariel Atom Mk 3.5
… insane on the autobahn

Nonetheless, when he takes it on the autobahn for a v-max run, it turns into a little bit of a monster, as the burden, or lack thereof, makes it a little bit of a twitchy fellow. As effectively, the speedometer is in KPH as he crosses 233, however that’s nonetheless respectable when transformed to 145 MPH.

Regardless of the scary bits or the truth that the supercharger whine will get into your mind and makes you wish to go quicker, with the noises AutoTopNL makes… I don’t assume he minded in any respect.

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