Ford Turns Bronco Into A ‘Built Wild’ SUV Brand, Shows All Three Models Together

We are just one week away from the official reveal of the new Bronco models and Ford is relaunching the historic nameplate as an SUV brand with its own ‘Built Wild’ tagline.

Ford’s new outdoor brand will include three new 4×4 models, including the Bronco two-door, the first-ever Bronco four-door, and the smaller Bronco Sport. The carmaker released a silhouette image showing all three models together, as well as a teaser video.

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According to the carmaker, what makes the new Broncos different than the rest of the Ford SUV models is the fact that they were all engineered under the company’s new ‘Built Wild’ principles.

This includes the Built Wild Extreme Durability Testing, a series of torture tests designed to ensure that the new off-roaders will be extremely tough in every situation, whether that’s a proving ground or an extreme off-road challenge in the harshest of climates.

The carmaker says that all three new Broncos will have the confidence to go over any type of terrain as part of their Built Wild Capability, thanks to their standard 4×4 system, an exclusive terrain management system, and their unique Bronco-variant architectures that feature “class-leading levels of capability and suspension technology”.

Finally, Ford took another approach for the styling of the new Bronco with its Built Wild Innovative Design. The new off-roaders will mix retro-inspired DNA with new levels of personalization and innovation.

How The First Ford Bronco Became The G.O.A.T And Gave Birth To SUVs

1966 Ford Bronco

Back in 1965, Ford dubbed the original body-on-frame Bronco “a completely new line of sport-utility vehicles” making it the first reference to SUVs by an American carmaker.

“Rugged vehicles are in our heritage and we see strong growth opportunities with this evermore popular segment,” said Kumar Galhotra, Ford president, Americas, and International Markets Group. “The Bronco brand meets that need by creating a family of truly capable offroaders to take our customers further into the wild. We’ve leveraged extensive off-road experience from vehicles like our F-150 Raptor to ensure that every Bronco delivers the ‘Built Wild’ toughness and durability our customers expect.”

The story of the Bronco traces back to World War II when Ford was producing General Purpose (GP) vehicles for the Army. A total of 270,000 Ford GPs was produced for Allied Forces, with a number of them returning home as soldiers bought surplus GPs to drive as civilians.

The surplus GPs were proven too small and uncomfortable for civilian life according to Ford research in the early 1960s, kicking off the development of the more refined and comfortable Bronco.

The original Ford Bronco was nicknamed G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Terrain) by Donald Frey, Ford’s famous product manager behind both Mustang and Bronco nameplates. Early documents also reveal a list with the candidate names Ford was considering for the Bronco, which surprisingly included “Trail Blazer” and “Wrangler”. Pure geek stuff, I know.

New Off-Road Adventures For Ford Bronco Owners

Together with the launch of the new Bronco model family, Ford will also launch a range of off-roading adventure experiences under the Bronco Off-Roadeos name, starting next year. These will include four off-road playgrounds designed for all skill levels, offering Bronco owners the confidence and inspiration to get out in the wild with their vehicles.

Mark Your Calendars

Ford Motor Company will reveal the all-new Ford Bronco lineup across Disney’s broadcast, cable, digital and streaming properties.

Ford’s all-new Bronco model family will be officially revealed on July 13 at 8:00 pm EST and will be aired on Disney’s networks ESPN, ABC News, and National Geographic. Customers will be able to immediately reserve the new Bronco by placing a $100 refundable deposit.

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