How to Reseal An Old Gas Tank


Eastwood’s unique gas tank sealer kits have practically every little thing it is advisable clear a rusty, outdated, varnished gasoline tank of all of the gasoline residue and gunk, and seal it with a just about impervious inside coating. If you’re cautious, you’ll be able to even use it to coat the within of a bike gasoline tank with out effecting the paint job on the skin. One equipment seal tanks as much as 5 gallons, and some additional pints of sealer are all you want for bigger tanks. Every extra bottle of sealer provides protection for 10 to 12 gallons for tank inside floor space.


  • 1. 64 oz. Muriatic Acid
  • 2. 32 oz. Acetone
  • 3. 2 gallons of sizzling water
  • 4. Bucket
  • 5. Security gloves and eye safety


Learn all directions earlier than utilizing this product

QUANTITY REQUIRED: For small tanks (1 to five gallons), use one pint (16 fl. oz.) of Eastwood Gas Tank Sealer. For bigger tanks, use roughly 1 additional pint per 10 gallon capability. If the tank incorporates baffles, be sure you contemplate the rise in floor space. Sealer works finest if tank, sealer and ambient temperature is 60°F or increased.

SURFACE PREPARATION – CAUTION: Floor prep options and sealers will injury paint. Tank have to be completely dry and freed from water earlier than making use of sealer. Learn and perceive all directions earlier than use.

  1. 1. Learn all directions and plan work in order that your entire course of is accomplished in a single session. Don’t permit tank to dry between periods – transfer from one step to a different till full. Drain and take away tank from automobile. Wash out tank with sizzling, soapy water and completely rinse with water from working backyard hose. Take away valves, sending models, petcocks, and inside filters. Cease all openings besides fill spout.
  2. 2. Combine whole contents of Metallic Wash ( with 2 gallons of sizzling water in a clear bucket.
  3. 3. Pour contents into tank and “slosh” round. Let it sit for five minutes on every floor. “Slosh” round once more till all gasoline varnish is eliminated then pour out contents. Completely rinse with water from working backyard hose. At this stage tank needs to be freed from all gasoline varnish. There could also be areas of unpolluted naked metallic and rust however all varnish can be eliminated. If any varnish stays repeat the Metallic wash slosh till all traces of varnish are gone.
  4. 4. Take clear tank outdoors. Buy Muriatic Acid (out there at {hardware} and constructing provide shops). NOTE: Comply with correct dealing with directions on label of Muriatic Acid, put on heavy rubber gloves, and work outdoor. DO NOT ADD UNDILUTED MURIATIC ACID TO THE TANK!
  5. 5. “Slosh” 1/2 gallon diluted Muriatic Acid round on all inside surfaces to utterly take away corrosion – till floor has a uniform grey look (approx. 5-10 minutes). Be sure that at the very least one opening stays uncapped to permit stress to flee. If rust stays repeat the diluted Muriatic Slosh till all rust is gone.
  6. 6. Pour out contents right into a plastic container and neutralize by slowly including baking soda till fizzing stops. Eliminate in line with native legal guidelines. Completely rinse the tank utterly filling and draining the tank 2 occasions with water from a working backyard hose. It’s regular for some mild flash rust to look on this floor. It will simply be eliminated within the subsequent step.
    After completion of step 6, tank inside needs to be rotating tank in all instructions. mainly clear with maybe a little bit flash rust.
  7. 7. Pour whole contents of Quick Etch bottle into the tank and slowly rotate to permit it to contact all surfaces till there’s a uniform grey look. Pour out contents into authentic container and eliminate in line with native legal guidelines or save for additional components rust removing.
  8. 8. Whereas the tank inside remains to be moist from the Quick Etch, pour in 1 quart of Acetone (out there at {hardware} and constructing provide shops). Tank ought to have a uniform grey look. Rigorously examine all tank areas to ensure there is no such thing as a rust remaining.
  9. 9. “Slosh” Acetone round on all inside surfaces then pour out contents into authentic container. Repeat step Eight once more with contemporary Acetone. Eliminate used Acetone in accordance with native legal guidelines.
  10. 10. Shake sealer container effectively earlier than use. Maintain container tightly closed when not in use. Cease all tank shops besides fill spout.
  11. 11. Pour Eastwood Fuel Tank Sealer into tank, quickly shut fill neck, and coat whole inside floor by slowly rotating tank in all instructions.

    12. A correctly coated tank ought to have a uniform brilliant white coating of sealer freed from any puddles. Some extra ought to stay. Let tank stand for 8-10 minutes with fill neck or sending unit open, then shut openings and slowly rotate tank permitting extra to re-coat all surfaces. Let tank stand for an extra Eight to 10 minutes with fill neck or sending unit open nevertheless, this time on a special facet. Repeat this till the tank has the specified opaque white coating. Don’t permit coating to empty to 1 space and dry. Drain off extra. Enable extra to dry and eliminate hardened materials in line with native legal guidelines.

  12. Pressured air flow is vital to stop sealer from reflowing and puddling and for thorough drying.

    13. Take away all stops and insert a compressor air line, with stress set at 1-5 psi (maintain air line 2″ or extra away from the coated floor to stop thinning coating). Tank needs to be utterly dry inside 48 hours at 60°F or hotter. Cured coating needs to be barely rubbery with no odor earlier than filling tank with gasoline.


CLEAN UP: Use methyl ethyl keytone or acetone. Use warning as these supplies are flammable and may injury paint.

STORAGE & HANDLING: Retailer container at 70° F or cooler for max Three yr storage life. Excessive temperatures and publicity to daylight scale back regular storage life. Product needs to be discarded if sealer turns into discolored. Decrease temperatures quickly enhance viscosity.

CONTAINS METHYL ETHYL KETONE – USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. Keep away from contact with eyes; maintain from warmth, sparks, or flame. Don’t smoke. Extinguish all flames and pilot lights. Flip off stoves, heaters, electrical motors, and all different sources of ignition throughout use and till all vapors are gone. Keep away from extended contact with pores and skin or extended respiration of vapors.

FIRST AID: In case of eye contact flush completely with water. If irritation persists, get medical consideration. If swallowed don’t induce vomiting. Get medical consideration instantly. If vomiting happens spontaneously, maintain sufferer’s head beneath his
hips to stop his respiration the vomitus into his lungs.

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