WALD Do You Think Of This Modified Toyota Harrier?

Shortly after the 2021 Toyota Harrier received a host of TRD parts in Japan, aftermarket tuner Wald International unveiled its styling tweaks for the SUV – and they are arguably more restrained than what TRD has done.

At the front, Wald International has tweaked the fascia of the Harrier, outfitting it with a new chrome upper grille and a blacked-out lower grille. Complementing these alterations is an extended front spoiler finished in black and complete with a chrome splitter. Whereas Wald has opted for a more sleek design, TRD’s parts are far more angular and much more aggressive.

As for the sides, Wald has fitted new skirts that are slightly extended and also feature chrome trimmings. Rounding out the modifications are some rear-end tweaks, chief among them being a new rear bumper with Lexus IS F-style quad exhausts, a set of chrome wheels and a significantly lower ride height.

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We don’t yet know pricing details for Wald’s modifications, but they will probably be restricted to the Japanese market until the Harrier lands in overseas markets.

In the United States, the Harrier will land as the latest-generation Toyota Venza. While local details remain limited, we do know that the Japanese-spec model is available with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder Dynamic Force petrol engine with 169 hp and 153 lb-ft (207 Nm). A hybrid variant with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a 118 hp electric motor is also available and sold in front-wheel drive guise, while a hybrid AWD with a total of 219 hp is also sold in Japan.

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