Watch A Karen Get Angry After Being Told She Can’t Park Hyundai In Tesla Spot

If you happen to’re less than pace with who a ‘Karen’ is in web lingo, this clip lately posted to Reddit will inform you all it’s essential know.

Within the meme world, a Karen refers to a middle-aged white lady thought of to be each entitled and ignorant. There’s a very good likelihood of a Karen and if not, you’ve most likely seen one up to now.

On this specific run-in with a Karen, a Redditor began to movie a girl after she parked her Hyundai Elantra in a space reserved for Teslas at a Tesla retailer situated at a shopping center in Toronto. It seems as if the girl was confronted after parking within the Tesla-only charging spot and she or he was not too comfortable about it.

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Initially, she might be heard talking with two cops on the scene, claiming that she was ready for somebody within the shopping center. Whereas it’s laborious to choose up all the things she is saying, she appeared to state that she has Alzheimer’s and determined to park within the Tesla spot as a result of it was free.

In a typical Karen transfer, the girl then takes out her smartphone and begins recording the one who was recording her. The video momentarily cuts out and when it resumes, the girl is heard speaking to one of many officer’s once more, stating “He comes and tries to inform me what I can do. He’s not my boss.” The officer then factors out an indication stating she can’t park within the spot. She responds by saying she “can’t see” and says the signal ought to be larger. Lastly, she will get in her automobile, presumably to drive away, though we will’t say for positive as a result of that’s the place the video ends.

Karen throws a fit because she was told she can’t park in a reserved spot at a Tesla dealer from r/PublicFreakout

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