Will The Mercedes-Benz EQB Be The Electric SUV To Buy?

Mercedes-Benz has been filmed putting the all-electric EQB compact SUV through its paces at the Nurburgring.

The German automaker is in the midst of rapidly expanding its EQ range of electric models on the back of the EQC launching. Among the new models in the works include the flagship EQS sedan, the slightly smaller EQC sedan, and an EQA that will act as the brand’s entry-level electric crossover. Sitting just above it in the family will be the EQB filmed here.

As the name of the EQB implies, it is an all-electric version of the GLB, meaning it retains the boxy shape. That being said, it will sport some styling changes; gor example, it will have different headlights and taillights while also having a closed-off front grille. Mercedes-Benz will also tweak the rest of the front bumper to improve the SUV’s aerodynamic efficiency and do everything it can to eke out the range.

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The Mercedes-Benz EQB sits on the automaker’s Modular Electric Architecture EVA II platform and customers will reportedly be offered a plethora of different battery packs and various electric motor configurations. Battery capacities may start as low as 60 kWh and could swell to as large as 110 kWh. Meanwhile, there will be different electric motors on offer, including an entry-level model with 201 hp and a potential tri-motor variant with 335 hp. The SUV should be good for at least 248 miles (400 km) of range on a single charge.

We expect to see the EQB unveiled in early 2021, while the slightly smaller EQA should arrive before the end of this year.


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