One-Off Bentley Continental GT Parades Its Rainbow Colors In Pride

Bentley has unveiled a Continental GT Convertible with a rainbow-colored exterior for a virtual Pride event in the UK that will take place on July 25.

According to the British car manufacturer, the car symbolizes three key themes for it; pride in the diversity of its colleagues at its Crewe headquarters and around the world, hope and gratitude as the automaker emerges from the coronavirus, and a way to show ongoing support for the local community.

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The car isn’t actually wearing a unique paint scheme and the colors are instead part of a wrap that showcases six of Bentley’s bespoke paint colors.

“We embraced the opportunity to create our first rainbow car, because rainbows are recognized as an icon for the LGBTQ+ community and Pride events which celebrate individuality and take place around the world during June and July,” Bentley’s member of the board for people, digitalization and IT, Dr. Astrid Fontaine, said. “As Bentley steps up its emphasis on the importance of diversity and inclusion, we’re delighted to be sponsoring Cheshire East’s virtual Pride celebrations on Saturday 25 July – and our rainbow Bentley captures the essence of that perfectly.”

If you think you’ve seen another rainbow-colored Bentley before, you’re right. Back in May, Bentley held a competition challenging its workers and their families to design their ideal Bacalar. The winning design had a rainbow color scheme and was designed by a 5-year-old named Eleanor – and it is this design that inspired the Continental GT.

“The actual design of the car was inspired by a concept submitted in a competition we held during lockdown for colleagues and their families to co-create a Bentley that captured the moment. The stand-out winner was Eleanor (age 5). Her design also reflects our thanks to the local services that have supported us, and the work many of our colleagues have undertaken to support our local community over the last few months,” added Fontaine.

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