Can This Dump Truck Do Wheelstands? And Why Would Someone Try?

It’s a 1950 Ford F-6 two-ton dump truck that does wheelies, and nobody deliberate any of it. The Roadkill mission truck referred to as Stubby Bob began with a shock in episode 44 when Mike Finnegan purchased the truck off a farm as a gag. We then shortened the wheelbase from 158 to 104 inches for no obvious motive and walked away from it when the brakes didn’t work properly sufficient for a highway journey. The truck carries a supercharged big-block Chevy aft of the cab and drives the rear wheels by a Gearstar 4L80E transmission and an vintage boat V-drive we scored off the good dude ever, Slim at Slim’s Fab Farm, house of rad choppers and wheelstanding classic vans. In certainly one of our favourite episodes, we threw this all collectively and created the world’s very unlikely and treacherous wheelstander, with Stubby Bob able to slicing a trailer hitch by asphalt like a boss.

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Nobody’s extra stunned than us that we pulled this off, and followers had many questions on the alternate actuality the place we win this massive. Right here’s the story of Stubby Bob by solutions to queries posed to us by way of Fb by the Roadkill Nation.



What have been the unique plans for Stubby Bob?
After episode 44, whereby we shortened the wheelbase on the truck, Stubby Bob was despatched to storage in Georgia for a couple of months earlier than being shipped to California to get weighed and authorized for a title, then rotted within the Roadkill store for an additional month. Finnegan and I began to look over the truck when prepping for Roadkill’s 50th episode project-car competitors as a result of we’d thought of putting in the supercharged big-block engine from the Crusher Camaro. What occurred is what you noticed within the episode: We have been estimating methods to match the engine underneath the hood after I realized it actually belonged out again. Previous to that brainchild, it was gonna be a extra standard scorching rod, and possibly slammed.

Why is the engine within the again—as a result of Roadkill?

Initially it was simply because it match so significantly better than it will have underneath the hood, and truthfully, it was a lot much less work to suit it out again.

What did the fits suppose after they first heard about this stunt?
Just about everybody within the workplace began following the buildup as quickly as we mocked up the engine behind the cab. The large boss on the time beloved this factor from day one, particularly as a result of there’s been no lawsuit but.

What was the most important problem with the Stubby Bob mission?
My regular drama is that I hate hacking up previous sheetmetal. I bought over that as quickly as we dropped the engine out again and had the imaginative and prescient. By far the most important query the entire time was if it will or wouldn’t wheelie. We knew we may do it with the engine mounted actually far again for weight switch and leverage over the rear axle, nevertheless it regarded goofy to try this, so we determined to maneuver the engine ahead the place it regarded most neato. However that risked the sure-fire wheelstands.

Why use a Chevy engine in a Ford?

We tried fairly arduous to make use of a 460 big-block Ford, nevertheless it was properly greater than double the price of what we spent on the 454 Chevy—principally as a result of the blower equipment was a lot costlier.

Why go together with the 454 over a blown LS engine with EFI?
Picture! The wheelstanders of the ’60s and ’70s all had big-blocks, normally with 8-71 blowers. If we may have simply used Enderle mechanical injection on alcohol, we’d have.

What are all of Stubby Bob’s engine specs?
We dunno! In true Roadkill fashion, the engine is simply patched collectively. The long-block is a 454ci Gen VI big-block Chevy from a late-’90s Chevy 3/4-ton truck. We purchased this from prolific gearhead freelancer Richard Holdener for $1,000—seemingly a tidy revenue for ol’ Richie after he snagged it from a junkyard and used it for some dyno testing. He talked about that it made 900 hp or one thing like that with a giant turbo, and Finnegan requested no extra questions when he purchased it. We don’t even know the cam specs.

“I can die figuring out I’ve seen one of the best factor ever filmed.” — Davy Jones, Roadkill fan

We do know the heads are iron oval-ports. The supercharger is a Weiand 8-71, put in as a whole equipment with the consumption and belt drive. The carbs are a pair of the Holley supercharger-specific 850-cfm double-pumpers we’ve used a variety of occasions. They work completely out of the field. We additionally bought the Weiand fuel-inlet and linkage kits. The zoomie-style headers have been made by Finnegan from a Hooker equipment.

How troublesome was it to make the blower match the newer-generation big-block?
Within the episode, we found the Weiand equipment was not meant for Gen VI engines. The consumption manifold is for rectangle-port heads and the Gen VI stockers are oval-ports, however that’s a mismatch that may work while you use rec-port gaskets and a few silicone. We additionally needed to grind the consumption manifold on the gasket floor to make it absolutely seat onto the heads.

Would you think about the Crusher Camaro’s blown big-block as a alternative for the present big-block in Stubby Bob?
Essentially the most-asked-about engine at Roadkill is the Weiand-blown 489ci engine that was in our ’67 Chevy Crusher Camaro earlier than we eliminated it on a reside video feed and put in an LS7. That Crusher engine has been mentioned for a variety of autos, nevertheless it’s so much like the one at present in Bob that there’s no motive to swap it out.

What is going to occur to the previous flathead motor?

Stubby Bob got here from the manufacturing unit with a 239ci Ford flathead V-Eight with 100 hp; it was the 8BA/8RT fashion fashionable with retro scorching rodders. It ran nice! I’m hanging onto it, hoping to make use of it in a flatfender Jeep or maybe as a core for a Bonneville race automotive.

How a lot horsepower and torque is the motor placing right down to the wheels?
We now have by no means dyno-tested the engine in Stubby Bob. We’ve been telling individuals 600 hp on the crank, which may be very conservative. Previously, I’ve made 750 hp with an analogous 454 Chevy with the identical blower and similar pulleys however with a stable curler cam and rectangle-port heads. Bench race it from there, and take your greatest guess.

Was there any cooling on the engine?
HOT ROD Garage’s Fortunate Costa constructed the cooling system utilizing a Jeg’s aluminum radiator and followers up entrance and plumbing the water to the rear utilizing exhaust-pipe metal tubing with common flex hoses on the connections. The downer is that the radiator cap is decrease than the engine, so the system must be crammed by eradicating the hose from the thermostat housing.

What was the response of the HOT ROD Storage guys after they found the outlet within the Bonemaro’s hood?
Within the buildup episode, we minimize some sheetmetal from the unused hood of HRG’s mission turbo-LS Camaro and used it for our carb scoop. We thought of it payback for after they stole the seat from Normal Mayhem in certainly one of their episodes. Fortunate endorsed it. Tony Angelo has been silent about it. However in all probability irritated.

Why did you utilize a V-drive as a substitute of a 4×Four switch case with an unused output? Wouldn’t the additional gearing make wheelies simpler and the elements to do it cheaper?
Our problem was determining methods to drive the rear axle when the engine was mounted straight above it with the transmission pointing ahead. We solved this utilizing a V-drive, a gearcase that takes forward-pointing enter and transfers it to rearward output, as is often accomplished with propeller-powered speedboats.

“Personally I believe it’s essentially the most silly episode but.” — Mike Holmes, Roadkill fan

We may have used a switch case from a 4×Four truck, however we’d have had to make use of the output that was designed for the entrance axle, which is offset from middle. The V-drive is inline to match the centered rear axle within the truck.

What sort of ratio is the V-drive? Is it gear-to-gear or chain-driven?
Slim traded us a traditional, 1967-vintage Casale V-drive for a toploader out of his van. It’s a gear-driven setup. V-drives generally have over- or underdrive ratios; ours didn’t appear to be 1:1, however we didn’t trouble to examine the ratio. It’s not like we’d have modified it even when we knew what it was.

What’s the strategy of organising an electronically managed transmission with a carbed engine?
The trans we used was a contemporary, digital 4L80E four-speed overdrive from Gearstar Transmissions. There are various controllers you should buy to make use of these with no manufacturing unit laptop, and so they require inputs for rpm, pace, and throttle place. Ours was from CompuShift.

Was Stubby Bob nonetheless working the identical rearend from the primary episode and the 50th shootout episode?

What gear ratio and/or ratios are within the rearend? I bear in mind you guys saying it was a two-speed rearend.
Yeah, it’s an Eaton-built two-speed, frequent in vehicles like this. From the manufacturing unit, it was vacuum-shifted from a knob underneath the sprint and may very well be used to separate gears. They got here in variations with ratios of 5.83:1 and eight.11:1 or with 6.33:1 and eight.81:1. We don’t know which model we’ve. We’re fairly certain we ran it within the excessive ratio (5.83:1 or 6.33:1) however can’t make certain.

Do you guys not have some insurance coverage consultant saying, “No, we’d moderately you didn’t have an uncovered prop shaft proper subsequent to your legs when you do a wheelie with no harness?”

Don’t ask, don’t inform.

Did you ever do away with the spit rims?
Nope! The previous truck makes use of 20-inch wheels that retain the tire beads with antiquated and fragile locking rings that you just noticed getting swapped in episode 44 after we first bought Bob. These wheels are terrifyingly harmful, and nobody needs to be placing massive energy by them or doing wheelies on them.

Does the engine starve of oil as a result of it’s getting thrown into such an excessive angle?
When the truck is doing a wheelie at full tilt, certain, oil stress turns into non-compulsory because the lube flows away from the oil-pump pickup tube within the pan. However we’re speaking about shedding stress for possibly a second, and we’re speaking Roadkill. So it’s superb.

Why did Finnegan let off the pedal in the course of the wheelie and let the truck slam to the bottom!?
True, greatest follow in a giant wheelstand is to remain on the throttle to hold out a softer touchdown, and you may short-shift the trans into second moderately than lifting off the throttle to scale back energy and convey the entrance finish down. Finnegan says he was thrown ahead when the bumper hit the bottom in the course of the wheelie, tossing his foot off the pedal and inflicting him to crash down and bounce.

What number of cameras have been used to get all of the cool pictures?
Our crew is drastically smaller than any “actual” TV present. In the course of the wheelie scene, we solely had two digicam operators, one taking pictures reside motion and one other on the gradual movement. Yet one more digicam was on a set tripod. We had two GoPro cameras contained in the cab, one underneath the entrance suspension, one on the trailer hitch, and one wanting rearward on the engine.

How lengthy was the mark on the bottom from the wheelie?
Oh, we count on it’ll be there for a loooong time. Wait, you imply distance? Useless reckoning, says one mark at about 2 ft and a second contact at 8.

How lengthy till the 66-year-old suspension breaks from touchdown these killer wheelies?
The suspension had a lifespan of let’s say 1 millisecond after re-entry. The driving force facet entrance leaf spring broke in half on the rear mount.

Any issues in regards to the gas tank being that near the pavement as soon as it stands up?
You wager! In the course of the buildup, as we mounted the beer-keg gas tank between the rear framerails, we spent a number of time with straightedges making an attempt to determine if it was potential for any of the fittings or the tank itself to contact the bottom in a worst-case state of affairs. It wasn’t.

Questioning if you happen to broke the motor plates on final final run?
Watch the video, and it certain seems just like the aluminum motor plate is gonna let go of the big-block, nevertheless it didn’t. We inspected it after seeing the replay, and there have been no cracks or bending. Finnegan did an incredible job on that motor-mount plate. We predict the truck’s body is much more versatile than we’d hope.

Did you gather on the wager?
Within the wheelie episode, we took a number of guff from our pal KJ Jones (check out KJ on the premiere episode of Shift Talkers!), the official Roadkill naysayer. I actually didn’t suppose a wheelie was gonna occur, however Kaje harangued us a lot that I threw down a hun that stated we’d drag the hitch on the bottom. True to honor, KJ had the inexperienced in hand after we confirmed our stuff, however I turned it down. It was all in good enjoyable, and we would have liked the motivation.

Can Stubby Bob do burnouts?
No! That’s the shocker. Stubby Bob received’t smoke the tires in any respect. It simply strikes out or up. I believe the gears are so low that there’s no wheel pace and a number of pinion-gear climb, plus the load of the engine is over the centerline of the rear axle, which makes for lots of traction.

Will Stubby Bob cruise at 70? What’s it run on the dragstrip?
Sure, it’ll in all probability cruise 70. We did about 60 in testing earlier than the wheelie, because of tall tires and overdrive. However the front-suspension scenario is tremendous sketchy after the wheelie, and we’ve not had time to repair it or take it to a dragstrip. We’d in all probability stick with an eighth-mile.

How does one thing like this (as great as it’s) stay eligible for highway registration?
Didn’t your mamma educate you methods to not get caught? Simply stay inconspicuous. That’s our secret.

Will you ever let Slim from Slim’s Fab Farm have a go together with it?
Slim completely hooked us up with the nice V-drive and made the episode occur! Dude is our bro and might wreck Bob any time he needs.

How loud is it inside Stubby Bob?
The open zoomies are brutal. Stubby Bob is our loudest automobile ever, and it’s not simply loud but additionally piercing. Finnegan made a bit of child cry on the Automotive Craft Summer time Nationals simply by whacking the throttle.

What was the full price of Stubby Bob?
You don’t actually wish to know. The truck and new tires have been $3,000, and the engine was $1,000. Holley donated the blower, carbs, gas pumps, AN strains, and headers, and people add as much as no less than $7,000. The Gearstar Degree Four trans and converter and all of the extras are about $4,000. Throw in all the opposite little junk, and it’s just about $17,000.

How a lot time did the mission take from getting it from Finnegan’s home to marking up Eight ft of highway?

Remember the fact that video manufacturing slows down automotive work fairly a bit. Two of us labored on it for 3 days for the primary episode. For the engine set up and V-drive and all the things, Finnegan labored the toughest, placing in about 5 days. I used to be out and in for 3 days, and Fortunate got here in for 2 days.

Should you may redo the Stubby Bob construct, what would you alter?
We didn’t give it some thought till you requested as a result of we nonetheless had the glow of victory, and nothing else issues. We’d do it the identical, I suppose, however we’ve concepts about methods to make it extra useful, like including a wheelie bar and making a softer long-travel entrance finish for higher landings. A trans brake would guarantee good launches. We hate the split-rim wheels, nevertheless it’s arduous to discover a cool-looking resolution. The cooling system wants extra flex joints so it doesn’t crack. And possibly we should always look on the brakes.

Have you ever ever had as a lot enjoyable in your life?
No means. Dream success engaged!

Who Did the First Wheelstand?

HOT ROD archival images present drag-race vehicles able to pulling the entrance wheels off the bottom means again within the early ’50s, however the massive wheelstands didn’t come till the arrival of the blown nitro-burning slingshot dragsters of the late ’50s. The exhibition sport of wheelstanding was invented in 1965 with the Dodge Little Pink Wagon, a forward-cab A100 pickup that the manufacturing unit constructed as an NHRA experimental racer by putting a 426 Hemi simply behind the seats. It was purported to be an actual race automotive, however the truck ended up simply pulling massive wheelies on a regular basis. It grew to become referred to as The Authentic Wheelstander, and a number of other variations have been campaigned for many years by Invoice “Maverick” Golden.

The second most well-known wheelstander was the Hurst Hemi Underneath Glass, a Plymouth Barracuda with a Hemi engine underneath the big backlight. There have been many iterations of this automotive, as properly, pushed by Bob Riggle, and you could have seen the latest one get barrel-rolled with Jay Leno driving shotgun on an episode of Jay Leno’s Storage.

The late ’60s noticed an ever-increasing array of showmen in wilder and wilder exhibition wheelstanders, from Corvair wagons to VW pickups to Corvettes and even tanks, college busses, and stagecoaches. However not certainly one of ’em was a ’50 Ford dump truck.

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