Watching This Dodge Ramcharger Get Its First Wash In Nine Years Is Oddly Soothing

Detailing expert Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC was recently tasked with transforming a neglected 1991 Dodge Ramcharger and has put together an excellent video showcasing the car’s overhaul.

The vehicle was found abandoned in the backyard of a woman in North Carolina and purchased by a friend of Kosilla for just $900. It had been sitting and unloved since 2011, but the expansive mural across the exterior alone made it worth saving.

To actually ensure it was operational, extensive work had to be done, including the fitment of all-new brakes and a restoration of the floor which had been rusted through. When the vehicle was finally mechanically solid, it was handed over to Kosilla, who transformed both the exterior and interior.

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To kick things off, Kosilla brought out his pressure washer to remove the outer layer of mold that had attached itself to the paintwork. He then soaked the Dodge in his own car wash formula before wiping it down with a pair of microfiber cloths. It was then hit with another high-pressure wash before he turned his attention to the wheels, restoring them to their former glory.

He then turned his attention to the interior, vacuuming up all the debris before scrubbing away as much dirt as possible from the carpets. It is a long process, but the results are eye-opening.

The rest of the clip focuses on the fine detailing of the paint which required a lot of care, particularly as much of the clear coat had been completely worn off.


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