Denso mask has workers on front lines covered

Using a molding material typically used for instrument clusters, a polycarbonate sheet and elastic, Denso Maryville employees voluntarily came in over the Easter holiday weekend to ramp up mass production of the shields. About 400 workers geared up across three shifts with two lines to produce more than 3,000 shields per day.

A total of 60,000 shields have been supplied to hospitals in several states and Mexico as a result of the effort.

“We didn’t think about cost when we were doing it; we were just thinking about how to use our resources to support the needs in our community,” Autry said. “That really, I felt, gave us a lot of motivation to move quickly.”

Maryville workers have kept the lines ready for a resurgence of cases and have started supplying for the regional school district.

Looking back on the success of the project, Autry said the team thinks about “how could we do something so quickly, and how can we collaborate more in our daily job and do normal things with that fervor and that speed?”

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