This Audi Q7 Scale Model Has Been Carved By Hand From Wood

Popular YouTuber channel Woodworking Art has just finished work on its latest scale car model handcrafted from wood. Like some other woodcarvings we shared with you, the craftsmanship here is very impressive.

This particular model is based on the 2021 Audi Q7 and the man behind the creation starts by sketching out the rough shape of the SUV on two pieces of wood. Things then get particularly interesting when work begins on crafting the wheels.

Using a set of simple tools, the wheels and tires are cut from thick pieces of wood and then shaped into perfect circles. The tread on the tires is carved in and then work begins on shaping the spokes of the wheels in what looks like a very laborious process as the craftsman almost exclusively uses a hammer and a chisel.

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The model also features a chassis of sorts. Consequently, there are axles, hubs, and various suspension components that underpin the vehicle’s bodywork which is then placed on top. Work then begins on perfecting the exterior, chiseling out things such as the complex front grille, air intakes, headlights, and even the Audi badge. Things are so detailed that even the reversing sensors are chiseled into the rear fascia.

While the Q7 model doesn’t feature an interior, it does have sliding side windows that can be raised and lowered by hand. All four doors are also fully functional and, thanks to the car’s chassis, it can actually be rolled backward and forwards.


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