Infra Red Powder Curing Lamp

Easy methods to Use Infrared Powder and Paint Curing Lamp


Our Infrared Lights will treatment elements too giant to slot in your oven, or take the place of an oven. Infrared gentle cures the powder from the surface, with out heating all the piece completely by means of. Standard paint, gaskets, or plastic objects near the floor to be cured, or hooked up to skinny gauge metallic, ought to first be eliminated. The infrared gentle generates excessive temperatures. For greatest outcomes, observe the enclosed instructions. The medium wave-length (2.35 micron) gentle heats the floor faster than an enclosed oven, so correct temperature management, gentle positioning, and motion are essential to correctly treatment the powder with out burning the coating. Small objects will treatment in about 6-15 minutes, whereas giant elements could require 2-6 hours (complete elapsed time).

To realize skilled outcomes, it is rather vital to observe all the rules for half hanging, gentle distance and temperature monitoring. The medium wavelength (2.35 micron) gentle brings the targeted floor as much as temperature faster than an enclosed oven. Due to this, correct temperature management, gentle positioning and motion are essential to correctly treatment the powder with out burning the coating. Small objects equivalent to valve covers and small brackets will treatment in about 6-15 minutes whereas giant elements equivalent to rear housing, driveshafts or motorbike frames will treatment in about 2-6 hours (complete elapsed time). To treatment giant elements, this lamp unit have to be repositioned periodically till all the floor of the half has been cured.


  • – Comply with all security directions equipped together with your HotCoat system and the powder for use.
  • – Keep away from respiration powder mud or vapors generated in the course of the treatment course of.
  • – NEVER block entrance of sunshine unit or concentrate on individuals or flamable supplies.
  • – DO NOT function inside 25 toes of flammable supplies or vapors.
  • – DANGER to cut back danger of explosion, DO NOT have infrared gentle turned on inside 10 toes when making use of powder.
  • – DO NOT look immediately on the gentle parts.
  • – DO NOT contact the weather once they’re on – or earlier than they’re totally cooled down.
  • – Solely clear parts with clear rags and alcohol when cool and the sunshine is unplugged.
  • – All the time use a grounded outlet and applicable extension cords: 0-25ft=14 gauge, 26-50ft=12 gauge.
  • – Deal with gentle rigorously in order to not break parts.
  • – Solely function gentle whereas it’s on appropriate stand.
  • – NEVER function the sunshine when the stand is on an uneven floor the place it may fall or roll.
  • – NEVER go away gentle unattended whereas in use.


Assemble the Gentle Stand in keeping with the directions supplied with the stand. Take away packing foam from behind parts and tape securing wire guard to housing. Warning: Heating parts are fragile – deal with with care!

Connect Arm Meeting to the sunshine using the equipped {hardware}. Slide the Arm Meeting over upright on stand and tighten lock deal with securely at desired peak. The angle of the sunshine could be simply adjusted by loosening the knob situated on the again of the sunshine housing. As soon as the sunshine is positioned on the desired angle or orientation, tighten the knob securely.

TECH TIP: An outdated automotive wheel or sandbags could be positioned on the stand for added stability and security.


NOTE: Prep all elements as per the HotCoat Powder Coating Directions

Top-of-the-line strategies for making use of powder and for utilizing the sunshine for curing is by fastening a robust wire “clothesline” in your ventilated store or storage (picture #3). This may be executed with heavy wire equivalent to our #.041 Safety Wire (#43045). Merely run the wire between storage door tracks or fasten securely with eye bolts into wall studs. Giant heavy objects needs to be supported on bricks or stone blocks coated with aluminum foil to stop static attraction of mud onto your piece. Added stability will then be offered by securing the merchandise to your wire “clothesline”. (picture #4).

Any auto physique bench can be used to help small elements throughout powder coating software and curing as proven in picture #5. Comply with the directions included together with your stand for set-up and meeting. The objects could be suspended with wire both vertically or horizontally. Wrap your stand with aluminum foil to get rid of powder overspray construct up from curing in your stand.


The infrared gentle is designed to be utilized at a distance of 3-6″ from the article and parallel to the piece to be cured. The sunshine needs to be periodically positioned and moved across the object as instructed within the curing part. Use an applicable outlet. Plug the sunshine right into a 15 amp, 110 volt circuit, activate change, and permit 3-5 minutes for the sunshine to come back as much as temperature. For those who discover an space or object calls for the sunshine to be FURTHER than 6″ regulate the time to satisfy the temperature within the chart outlined within the curing part page 2.


Objects equivalent to a rear axle (picture 4), driveshaft (picture 9) or some other object that’s powdercoated on all sides, have to be cured from all sides. As a way to treatment all surfaces of the article, the sunshine have to be moved. That is completed by shifting the sunshine from the underside of the article to the highest (if hung vertically) or from one finish to the opposite (if hung horizontally), permitting the sunshine to deliver the floor as much as one of many treatment temperatures after which held on that spot for the really helpful time. Regularly monitor the temperature and regulate your timer as you progress the sunshine alongside. After finishing one aspect, transfer down the opposite to fully treatment the article.

Some skinny gauge objects could treatment the powder outdoors the sunshine’s focus space. This may be checked and verified with the infrared thermometer. If so, merely transfer the sunshine by means of this space into the following uncured space, after you have achieved the correct treatment time.


The infrared thermometer is used to get correct temperature readings out of your object. With these readings, discuss with the suitable chart on web page eight to pick out treatment time (for extra particulars on utilizing these charts discuss with “Curing With Your Infrared Gentle” part). Temperature readings are taken as near the light-heated space as doable (not more than 3-6″ from object). Use frequent sense when taking temperature readings. All the time use heavy leather-based gloves or welding gloves to guard palms from the warmth and by no means place palms in entrance of the sunshine when taking readings (to stop warmth burns).

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