The Most Important Question About the Rimac C_Two: Will It Drift?

The Most Essential Query Concerning the Rimac C_Two: Will It Drift?

Plainly electrical supercar and hypercar firms have gotten fairly conscious of the web and all the meme subculture. Borrowing a bit from one of many first “Will it…” bits (the “Will It Mix?” meme), Rimac has requested an all-important query.

Will the Rimac C_Two hypercar drift?

In fact, with pandemic lockdowns nonetheless in place the world over, they couldn’t rent any correct actors to return in and do a industrial. So, embracing the silliness of all of it, everybody featured within the video is an precise Rimac worker.

The C_Two is without doubt one of the three all-electric hypercars which can be set to be launched within the subsequent few years, beside the Lotus Evija EV and the Pininfarina Battista.

It options four electrical motors, one per wheel, which mix to supply 1,914 HP and sufficient torque to counter the spin of the Earth if pushed within the mistaken path.

To maintain this energy below management, the C_Two will include a full assortment of digital driver aids, together with multi-mode all-wheel torque vectoring, regenerative braking, and energetic stabilization by each mechanical (suspension) and aerodynamic means.

However… in case you occur to show all these driver aids off

Rimac C_Two drifting

Then sure. The Rimac C_Two will drift. It is going to pitch sideways and throw out an enormous plume of tire smoke, that means the check driver within the video was in all probability grinning ear to ear.

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