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If only such a factor was included in your complete vehicle insurance coverage, because rust is the power of nature, and regardless of how exhausting you struggle with it, you won’t win that battle. Rust normally begins the place you’ll be able to see it the least, working itself out from the inside. With modifications in temperature and humidity, condensation settles on the often-unprotected cavities of the vehicle’s interior. Probably the most rust-prone areas are normally within the lower sections of the car: rocker panels, lower portions of the fenders, inside the doors, and different areas beneath an imaginary line drawn a little bit above the wheel arches.

What are you able to do? Few individuals can store their vehicles in ideal local weather, so the best sensible solution is to mitigate the formation of rust by coating and sealing these rust-prone interior surfaces. The issue, in fact, is two-fold: How do you correctly prep? And, how do you physically reach all these inside panels?

Prep is not an issue because Eastwood’s Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust makes use of capillary motion to displace moisture and penetrate by way of current rust to stop additional moisture and air from reaching the surface. Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust is a waxy, oily product that finally dries as hard as candle wax. This product additionally works effectively to lubricate inner window mechanisms and leaf springs. The aerosol version has a short extension wand, however how do you deal with an extended interior part of rocker panel or door?

Eastwood’s Rustproofing and Undercoating System is appropriate for spraying Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust and Eastwood’s Rubberized Undercoating (each included) in out-of-the-way areas. Contains 16″ inflexible wand, 2 versatile wands, plastic bottle, gun meeting, Unibit drill bit, 25 plugs, and 1-qt. every of Anti-Rust and Rubberized Undercoating. This gun works finest at 40-60 psi (requires 5-6 cfm). The assorted extension wands can normally be inserted into present openings, or, the place no holes exist, a half″ gap could be drilled. The Unibit drill bit (included) is a single-flute, shallow-stepped drill that’s excellent for drilling a gap close to a backing panel. After the therapy, “cap” the opening with a half″ plastic plug (included).

You’ll want to clear all drain holes situated alongside the underside edges of most rocker panels and doors, and supply some means to gather the surplus product that drips out. This surplus can normally be strained and reused.

For interior fender areas, Eastwood’s Rubberized Undercoating gives a properly textured, satin black barrier against stone chips. It’s paintable too, so you’ll be able to match the paint shade, if you wish.


When repairing rust-damaged body panels in your beloved vehicle, make sure you take away all potential traces of rust. Rust could be successfully eliminated by abrasive blastingchemicals, mechanically eradicating it (sanding it off), or by reducing out the rust and changing it with new metallic. In some cases, it merely will not be possible to utterly take away the rust. For these cases, you will have to make use of a product equivalent to Eastwood Rust Converter and/or Eastwood Rust Encapsulator. Each merchandise do an ideal job at stopping rust from spreading and getting worse.

When treating a rusty body panel with Rust Converter and/or Rust Encapsulator, make sure you deal with the rust from each side. Many occasions body panels rust from the inside out. It doesn’t matter how good the rust product you used is—for those who only apply it to the skin of the panel and do nothing to guard the inside of the panel, the rust inside will proceed to infest the rest of the vehicle.

NOTE: In locations where you can’t adequately prep the inside of the panel for Rust Converter or Rust Encapsulator, Eastwood’s Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust is a superb product to use along with your spray gun.

This quarter panel didn’t look too dangerous from the outside. In reality, it appeared just like the rust might have been removed after which small, metallic patches welded in. However turn the panel round and take a look at the the inside and it’s apparent the steel was severely rusted (thanks to in part to a mouse nest).

Here’s a image of a panel that had some rust perforation on the surface

Right here is the bottom of the panel exhibiting the hidden harm

Had only the surface of the panel been repaired and handled, the panel would have continued to to deteriorate from the rust. This rust would have shown up by way of the brand new paint job in a relatively brief time period and completely destroyed the panel. When coping with rust, what you see is commonly just a glimpse of the rust that’s hiding in areas you’re unable to see. To successfully terminate rust spread, it’s essential to deal with the rust that you both can and can’t see.

Rusty Lawn Chair

Try for yourself just a quart of black Rust Encapsulator on rusty wrought iron fences, patio furnishings, and garden decorations to revive them to like-new.

Outside speaker grates rust rapidly when exposed to the weather. Give them some sparkle with Silver Rust Encapsulator.

You may also use Rust Encapsulator on garden and hand tools, together with hedge clippers, rakes and different rust inclined implements. The coating will save you money in tool replacement costs.

Coat your lawnmower blades and snowblower casing with Rust Encapsulator to maintain them and keep them new looking.

Rusty Pipe

The gutters, drain pipes and uncovered metal beaming of any structure could be coated with Rust Encapsulator for simple upkeep and extended utilization.

Roof vents, flashing and industrial fans could be coated with Rust Encapsulator to rapidly cover current rust and stop new rust from forming.

Rust Encapsulator can be used in many ways on the jobsite, too. Heavy equipment, left uncovered to the weather, can have a shortened lifespan. Rust Encapsulator has been efficiently utilized on snow plows, tractors, threshers, agricultural equipment, vehicles used for construction and much more. Rust Encapsulator is also obtainable in a matte clear version for greater flexibility.

As you can clearly see, Eastwood’s Rust Encapsulator has many wonderful uses. From the backyard to the worksite, Rust Encapsulator keeps any previously rusted metal looking fresh and new for years, with out fading, cracking or peeling.

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