Jay Leno Explains How The 1930s Chrysler Airflow Was Ahead Of Its Time

Jay Leno Explains How The 1930s Chrysler Airflow Was Forward Of Its Time

With electrical automobiles turning into ever extra prevalent and automakers seeking to eke out as a lot vary as doable, automobile producers are more and more seeking to make their vehicles as aerodynamically environment friendly as doable. Nonetheless, trendy EVs are removed from the primary automobiles designed with aerodynamics on the forefront.

As Jay Leno discusses in his most up-to-date YouTube video, Chrysler was experimenting with essentially the most streamlined form for a automobile again within the late 1920s and early 1930s. It in the end launched the Chrysler Airflow in 1934 providing it by 1937, and whereas it didn’t promote all that effectively, it did deliver a couple of dramatic change within the design of cars again within the day.

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In figuring out the best form for a automobile, Chrysler engineers performed wind tunnel assessments with the assistance of Orville Wright, one of many well-known Wright brothers credited with inventing, constructing, and flying the primary motor-operated airplane. The engineers in the end found that the widespread two-box car design of automobiles on the time was aerodynamically inefficient and that almost all automobiles would really be extra environment friendly in the event that they had been pushed backwards.

They then got here up with the Chrysler Airflow, a car that had a radically completely different design and a unibody building. As Leno notes on this video, the car’s engine was pushed effectively ahead to maximise legroom. The automobile additionally has a very gargantuan chrome grille, one which dwarfs even the biggest grilles discovered on some trendy vehicles.

We extremely advocate watching the entire video, particularly in the event you’re a fan of classics and need to see some very cool options of the Airflow, together with its modern facet home windows.


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