Air Compressor Selection Guide | Eastwood Blog

Air Compressor Selection Guide | Eastwood Blog

Many people check with motor horsepower and tank capability when describing or sizing an air compressor. While these specs are good, take into account the compressor as merely an “air pump” and it’s extra necessary to price the flexibility of that “pump” to do a job. There’s a typical air quantity requirement ranking for evaluating the flexibility of a compressor, air instrument or spray gun to carry out a sure job. That is the “cubic feet per minute” or “cfm” ranking. As an instance; this could be listed in specs as “12 cfm @ 85 psi”. This interprets into a tool requiring an air quantity of 12 cubic toes of air per minute at a stress of 85 kilos per sq. inch.

The figuring out think about selecting an air compressor is that this cfm. Consider what your typical cfm calls for will probably be by checking the cfm specs in your air instruments, blaster, spray weapons, and so on. Be certain to decide on a compressor that’s able to delivering enough cfm, on the rated psi, that may provide the very best air quantity utilizing the instrument you will have or would require. Using air instruments that exceed the cfm ranking of the compressor will trigger the compressor to run always, overworking and overheating it, leading to everlasting injury.

This can also be crucial when selecting a instrument, blasting tools or paint gun. You wish to make sure the air-operated instrument’s necessities don’t exceed the capabilities of your present compressor. For instance; when you’ve got a compressor with a most output of 9 cfm @ 90 psi and you’re contemplating a blast cupboard requiring 12 cfm @ 85 psi, the compressor is not going to be as much as the duty and the blast cupboard is not going to carry out correctly. This can also be true of HVLP paint weapons and different air-operated instruments.

In brief, it’s at all times greatest to seek out the very best cfm requirement of all of the instruments you personal or ever plan to amass, then add 25% to that determine when selecting a compressor. I at all times use 85-95 psi as a baseline.


How many individuals are within the store? – Of course when you’ve got four guys utilizing air on the identical time it is advisable add up their wants. Use the rule of thumb above, however you possibly can spherical down some, because it’s unlikely all four will probably be utilizing the air constantly with their most air hungry instruments.

What high quality of air do you want? – If you’re establishing a store with a paint spray sales space or for powder coating, the additional price of a compressor with inbuilt aftercooler and air dryer is completely value it. Most air instruments will not be that choosy about clear dry air, however just a bit oil or water within the air provide can damage a paint job that took hours to spray and days to prep. If you don’t wish to shell out the additional money to purchase a compressor with these features inbuilt you possibly can at all times add them on to your present compressor.

How loud will or not it’s? – Big reciprocating piston compressors are loud, so take that into consideration when buying and deciding the place within the store you need it. Buying a compressor with a tank bigger than you want means the compressor doesn’t must run as usually, which is nice if you need to work proper subsequent to it.

Single or 2 stage? – Depending on what you’re utilizing the air for it’s your decision the upper stress of a 2 stage compressor. Single stage compressors have a tendency to supply a higher quantity of air, however not on the stress a 2 stage can attain. Painting with a HVLP gun requires a higher quantity of air, whereas most air instruments run on a higher stress.

110v, or 220v powered? – Chances are you may be utilizing 110 or 220 volt energy. If your store is wired for 220v energy, go for it, it would price you much less in electrical energy and the compressor is probably going skilled high quality or near it. All moveable compressors are 110v, however 110v store compressors do exist should you can’t justify rewiring the entire store simply to energy a compressor.

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