See How Runaway Ramp Helps Save Trucker In California From Disaster

See How Runaway Ramp Helps Save Trucker In California From Disaster

If you’ve ever pushed on a big motorway, you’ll have little doubt seen runaway truck ramps up to now. While truckers would favor to not use them, they’ll nonetheless show to be life-savers.

Earlier this 12 months, a video of a truck utilizing a runaway ramp in California was posted on-line. It has just lately began gaining consideration over at Reddit and it exhibits simply how necessary these ramps are.

The clip was filmed close to the small city of Grapevine and exhibits a big semi-truck driving down a steep hill. Based on the smoke spewing out from the truck, it appears doubtless that its brakes overheated, therefore why the driving force shortly swerved into the right-most lane of the freeway earlier than continuing into the runaway truck ramp.

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Thanks to the gravel that the majority runaway truck ramps like these use, the semi was dropped at a halt in just some hundred toes. The whole incident was filmed from the dashcam of a fellow trucker.

Apart from that incident, we’ve additionally added a second video which is much more dramatic. This clip was filmed in Silverthorne, Colorado again in April 2019 and exhibits a truck additionally utilizing a runaway ramp. In this occasion, the truck seems to be touring extraordinarily quick and, regardless of how steep the runaway ramp is, it solely simply stops in time earlier than hitting the highest.


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