This Custom Built Giant VW Beetle Is Larger Than A Hummer!

This Custom Built Giant VW Beetle Is Larger Than A Hummer!

Volkswagen dropped the Beetle last summer, however the mannequin nonetheless has numerous followers.

Among them are Scott Tupper and his father, who constructed a customized Beetle generally known as the “Huge Bug.”

As he defined, the concept happened as they thought it could be good to have a Beetle and “not feel like you’re gonna get run over in traffic.” As a consequence, they determined to make a Beetle that was 50% bigger than the usual mannequin.

However, they found this could make unlawful to drive on the road. This brought about them to rethink their plans and scale down the rise to 40%.

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With that ratio set, they took their 1959 Beetle and digitized it by scanning the automotive into a pc. Once this course of was full, they enlarged the varied parts by 40% and used that data to construct templates to create customized physique panels.

Of course, they couldn’t supersize the Beetle platform so that they settled for basing the mannequin on a Dodge truck. They additionally outfitted it with a 5.7-liter V8 engine apparently sourced from a Dodge Magnum.

The finish consequence seems precisely like a Volkswagen Beetle, nevertheless it’s large when in comparison with the usual mannequin. The genuine design continues within the cabin, however the automotive has been outfitted with fashionable creature comforts together with energy home windows and locks in addition to heated and ventilated seats. The Dodge-sourced gauges are additionally mounted on a pod that descends from beneath the dashboard at a press of a button.

The automotive is fairly spectacular and Tupper mentioned folks chase them on the freeway to get a more in-depth have a look at the Huge Bug. He additionally revealed they’ve gotten “humbling” presents to purchase the automotive, however “it’s not going anywhere right now.”

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