Hyundai smells trouble with flagship crossover

Hyundai smells hassle with flagship crossover

Instead of exuding that exhilarating new-car odor, the Hyundai Palisade massive crossover smells like “garlic breath” or “old worn socks,” some homeowners lament.

Hundreds of Palisade homeowners have complained concerning the foul aroma on Internet boards. A Hyundai spokesperson told The Drive final week that the automaker was conscious of the odor downside and was engaged on “identifying and validating a fix.” The automaker stated it deliberate to present sellers directions to resolve the problem — as soon as it decided how precisely to try this.

The funky odor seems to be restricted to Palisades outfitted with the premium nappa leather-based seats and reportedly turns into strongest after the car has been pushed for a couple of thousand miles. stated it performed a “CSI: Car Smell Investigation” on the Palisade it purchased as a yearlong take a look at car. Managing Editor Joe Bruzek stated the 2020 Palisade Limited has “a sharp chemical odor with a dash of something organic like garlic or rotten produce, and it started at the arrival of 90-degree days in the Chicago area, where is headquartered.” He stated an area dealership thinks changing the headrests ought to lastly clear the air however that the components have been on again order for greater than two months.

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