2020 SSC Tuatara

SSC Tuatara Will Reattempt High Speed Run After Controversy | SSC | SuperCars.net

Shutting Up the Naysayers

Not too long ago we reported on the truth that the SSC Tuatara hit 331 mph on a high pace run and a two-way run of 316.1. Nonetheless, proof has come out that makes some individuals speculate as as to if or not the corporate truly did it.

The video that was shared by the corporate seems to be edited. According to SSC, the video was altered, however the automotive nonetheless did the instances that had been recorded. Statements had been put out by the SSC CEO and the GPS data-measurement producer Dewetron, which recorded the SSC run claiming the validity of the numbers.

Now, nonetheless, in keeping with EVO, SSC has determined that it’s going to simply repeat the highest pace efficiency in an effort to take away the stain from SSC’s first record-setting run. 

SSC CEO Jerod Shelby stated the next:

“It doesn’t matter what we do within the coming days to salvage this specific file, it’s at all times going to have a stain on it,’ including ‘…now we have to re-run the file. We have now to do that once more and do it in a approach that it’s plain and irrefutable.”

This time round, SSC will use a number of GPS programs from completely different firms to make sure that the information is appropriate and may be scrutinized. 

The automotive trying the file will probably be production-spec and carrying road-legal Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires and run an E85 mix of gasoline. It is going to be fascinating to see the outcomes this time round.

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