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VIDEO: Chris Harris Discusses the Lamborghini Urus and the Audi RS6 | Video |

What’s the Final Household Automotive?

Chris Harris and Jack Rix of Prime Gear have a little bit chat in regards to the what’s the final household automotive and why high-performance SUVs simply really feel improper when in comparison with a high-performance wagon.

The 2 automobiles in query on this video are the Lamborghini Urus and the Audi RS6. It’s clear which seems to be higher (the Audi), and Chris discusses why. 

He says the Urus is solely attempting to laborious. He stated its fascinating as a result of they’re not really all that a lot totally different, however there’s simply one thing that feels off in regards to the Urus, whereas the RS6 simply appears to really feel proper. 

“Let’s not overlook that our motorcars are a projection of how we would like folks to understand us,” Chris says. “This to me [he pats the RS6] says I need to carry an enormous stick and discuss softly, and that [he points to the Urus] says I need to stroll round going AHHHhhh to everybody.”

What Chris is getting at is subtley. The Audi has it. It’s not shouty, although it’s sporty and spectacular to take a look at and its stylish. Whereas the Urus is spectacular, there’s no denying it, however it’s completely garish and with out class. 

That is an fascinating dialog and it’s one which speaks to the cultural variations between folks. It’s value watching, and one thing you need to take a look at under.

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