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Panel Bond Vs. Welding | Eastwood Blog

Posted: December 28, 2020 By: MattM

Gluing a automotive collectively has been the tactic of automotive meeting for a very long time. It’s simply the “glue” used could have been welds, rivets, or bolts. In recent times precise liquid/chemical glue has been used for autobody meeting and restore. Most trendy automobiles driving round on the street have some form of completely bonded panels that maintain it collectively. Now we aren’t saying total automobiles are held collectively ONLY with panel bond or “glue”; however it’s common place lately. So the true query is must you use panel bond over welding a restore panel into place in your automobile? We cowl the variations beneath and Execs and Cons.

  1. Clear Steel- Regardless of the way you’re attaching metallic collectively the surfaces must be as clear as attainable. The one distinction is that welding does having a slight saving grace in that it the warmth from the welding course of can burn small impurities out of the joint when welding. Panel bonding requires almost surgically clear metallic and might fail or trigger paint points if it isn’t prepped correctly earlier than bonding panels collectively. It doesn’t matter what we advise clear the metallic completely earlier than welding or panel bonding.
  2. Dissimilar Supplies- There’s no two methods about it; panel bonding or structural adhesives win right here. If you happen to’re repairing a automobile with composite supplies like fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, and so forth. than you’ll be able to’t simply fireplace your MIG welder up and go to city. This additionally stands true for dissimilar metals like becoming a member of aluminum to metal. Certain you’ll be able to “braze” metallic however that isn’t structural.
  3. Ability Degree- Welding does take some follow and talent and each job is completely different. This implies it’s good to be fairly good with a welder to get a top quality weld and never injury the metallic greater than if you began. Panel Bond introduces no warmth and most manufacturers include a 1:1 Mixer cartridge that places out the proper quantity of panel bond and activator onto your mixing board. This implies all it’s important to do is totally combine the components collectively and apply it to the panel seams.
  4. Funding- With welding they’re undoubtedly is an upfront funding to purchasing a welder, gasoline bottle, helmet, and so forth. however you should use it again and again and regular consumables are all that you’ll have to pay for. However with panel bonding you simply want the panel bond itself ($30-75) and a few mixing provides. This makes panel bonding for relevant restore cheaper, however some repairs require each welding and panel bond.
  5. Steel Distortion- Welding creates warmth and fuses the items of metallic collectively to make them one once more. This warmth causes warping or distortion and must be reversed with a hammer and dolly and takes some talent to get excellent once more. That is the place panel bond is superior in that it causes no distortion since no actual warmth is launched. If you happen to step the restore panel appropriately you’ll be able to lap the metallic and create a flush restore that might require the identical or much less physique filler than a welded panel that has distorted from the warmth.

As with every restore it’s good to weigh the choices and use the tactic that makes essentially the most sense and is the most secure and strongest. We don’t counsel utilizing panel bond on structural repairs like chassis or comparable; however many producers are utilizing it to place collectively truck beds, roof skins, quarter panels and extra at the side of just a few spot welds. To shop our entire panel bonding offerings visit our site HERE.

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