How Do You Remove the 2021 Ford Bronco’s Fenders?

How Do You Remove the 2021 Ford Bronco’s Fenders?

Ford Bronco Full Overview

In contrast to eradicating the 2021 Ford Bronco’s arduous prime or doorways, this process shouldn’t be for everybody. Eradicating the Bronco’s fenders shouldn’t be trivially straightforward, and it should not be carried out steadily. You can take the highest and doorways off each time you drive your Bronco, changing them once you park it, however eradicating these panels is a a lot greater deal. And please do not plan on four-wheeling with these panels off, as this leaves delicate components weak to break. The perfect cause to take away these physique panels is to interchange them with ruggedized Ford accent or aftermarket panels to protect your fairly factory-painted ones whereas dicing with Jeep Wranglers at Moab or alongside the Rubicon Path. (Originality fetishists take be aware: Lots of the fender and quarter panel bolts are painted on the manufacturing unit, and eradicating them disturbs this paint.) One other nice motivation for eradicating fenders: To swap them with friends that personal wildly completely different coloured Broncos so you possibly can every drive a Harlequin model (spot yours within the parking zone by its hood and tailgate colours).

Observe that our expertise described beneath was gained eradicating the passenger-side panels on a two-door Bronco. We’re assured the process is analogous for the motive force facet and for the four-door, however precise bolt counts and areas may differ barely. Together with a little bit of instruction, disassembling the passenger facet for the primary time took 1.5 hours.

Earlier than we begin, you may must spherical up some instruments that do not are available the usual Ford Bronco device equipment: A flat-head screwdriver or pushpin prying device, a Philips-head screwdriver, 7mm, 8mm, and 13mm sockets, and a T15 Torx bit. PRO TIP: Label some Ziplock baggage to establish and retailer the fasteners for every of those steps to forestall confusion later.

Preparation Steps

The first step: In case your Bronco is supplied with rock rails, they most likely want to return off to achieve entry to the lowermost fender bolts. The manufacturing unit rock rails that come commonplace on Badlands and different prime fashions connect with two 13mm bolts and 4 10mm bolts.

Step two: Take away the Ford Bronco fender flares by loosening 5 quarter-turn fasteners on each. Observe that the rears come proper off, however you may want to present the entrance flares a little bit of a yank to free a snap fastener.

Entrance Fender Elimination

Step three: Take away the grille. Begin by opening the hood and prying off 9 pushpins that retain the air deflector bridging the hole between the grille and radiator help. As soon as they’re all out, fastidiously extract the air deflector from below the consumption snorkel to show 4 10mm bolts securing the highest of the grille. After eradicating these, the perimeters and backside of the grille are solely retained by clips, so firmly pull it ahead to take away it.

Step 4: Take away the body-color panel beneath the grille. This merely clips right into a plastic retainer on either side. Pull firmly to take away. Work gloves are advisable, as sharp edges can reduce.

Step 5: Take away the plastic items that retained the panel above. Every is held on by three 8mm bolts.

Step six: Take away the “Path Sights” by eradicating one 10mm bolt and two 10mm nuts, taking care that they do not fall down into the engine compartment.

Step seven: Disconnect the entrance fender from the wheelwell liner by eradicating 4 7mm bolts and 5 pushpins.

Step eight: Take away the panel closing the fender-to-body hole forward of the entrance door by eradicating 4 pushpins and pulling.

Step 9: Take away one 8mm bolt on the prime rearmost nook of the fender, two 10mm bolts on the backside rear, and 4 10mm bolts alongside the highest of the fender. The feathery aluminum panel ought to now come proper off.

Rear Quarter Panel Elimination

Step 10: Swing open the rear gate, and take away the plastic/rubber panel concealing the hinge space. Two 10mm bolts and 4 plastic pins with Philips-head facilities maintain it in place. PRO TIP: Bagging and labeling the fasteners is particularly key throughout these steps as a result of not all of the bolts are the identical size.

Step 11: Take away the body-color panel beneath the taillamp. That is retained by two giant “Christmas tree” sort pushpins the place it meets the tailgate, and by a flange retainer (like those that maintain the panel beneath the grille) the place it meets the quarter panel. It takes a harrowing yank to get it off.

Step 12: Take away two T15 Torx fasteners that retain the BLIS blind-spot monitoring sensor from behind the panel simply eliminated to achieve entry to the fasteners within the subsequent step.

Step 13: Take away the 4 10mm bolts that safe the decrease rear nook of the quarter panel. Two of those bolts cross by means of the black plastic piece that retained the panel from Step 11, and the opposite two have been behind the BLIS sensor.

Step 14: Take away 13 extra 10mm bolts that maintain the quarter panel on. One is above the taillamp on the far rear, 5 encompass the wheelwell, and three fasten the ahead edge to the door jamb (you may must elevate up a rubber flap to search out the highest one). Lastly, take away the 4 bolts alongside the highest floor. Then the metal fender ought to come off freely.


Presuming you fastidiously bagged and labeled all of the fasteners (and none bought misplaced within the engine compartment or the forest flooring), reassembly is just about the reverse of disassembly. One trace: Substitute the body-color panel beneath the taillamp from step 11 by first lining up these two plastic pushpins to function “hinges” as you “shut the panel like a door,” urgent it firmly into place.

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