Porsche 911 GT3 Testing

The New Porsche 911 GT3 Went Around the Nardo Ring at 186MPH for 17 Hours | News | SuperCars.net

Porsche’s new 911 GT3 was lately put underneath some severe stress testing at Volkswagen’s infamous Nardo Ring check monitor situated in Italy. The staff at Porsche ran the automobile for 5000km (3,107 miles) at 186mph and solely stopping for gasoline. This implies the automobile spent a complete of almost 17 hours at full throttle.

Porsche has been identified to overbuild their automobiles and the brand new 911 GT3 isn’t any exception. The automobile’s engine spent over 22,000 hours being examined on a static check rig underneath completely different simulations to organize for real-world testing. 

Porsche’s engineering staff developed a really refined oil provide for the GT3’s engine. The oil provide is sort of similar to the one present in Porsche’s race automobiles and makes use of seven suction levels. “The engine in our 911 GT3 Cup race automobile basically differs in respect of simply two parts: the exhaust system and the engine management unit. Every little thing else is similar,” in response to Thomas Mader, Porsche’s GT street automobile engine specialist.

Porsche 911 GT3 Testing

Whereas the brand new 911 GT3 isn’t far more highly effective than the earlier mannequin, it makes use of some welcomed upgrades and proves to be considerably quicker. The mannequin has proved to be over 12 seconds quicker than the earlier technology’s mannequin. Porsche’s official statistics state the brand new 911 GT3 can hit a prime velocity of 197mph (317km/h) – whereas the earlier prime velocity was 193mph. 

Porsche has confirmed to offer a high-performance coupe with out sacrificing reliability flawlessly. If it’s Porsche information, it’s all the time thrilling information.


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