Hear The Glorious Noise of Ferrari Race Cars from The 2021 Corse Clienti at Monza

Hear The Glorious Noise of Ferrari Race Cars from The 2021 Corse Clienti at Monza

One in every of our favourite YouTubers, 19Bozzy92, has come out with yet one more superb compilation of race automobiles screaming round Monza. On this particular video, it was in the course of the 2021 Ferrari Corse Clienti, which was held over two days on the finish of March.

The occasion hosted all the degrees of Corse Clienti, of which there are three: GT shoppers, XX Program shoppers, and the rarest, the F1 shoppers. All the automobiles on this video are privately owned, however most of them stick with Ferrari for care, storage, and servicing between shopper occasions.

In fact, the largest discipline was made up of the XX program, with FXX, FXX-K, FXX-K Evo, and 599XX automobiles all screaming across the palace of pace that’s Monza. Of those, the standouts have been the insanely loud 599XX’s, and the unbelievably quick FXX-Okay Evo’s.

599XX being chased by an FXX into Variante Ascari

The rarest class at these occasions is the F1 shoppers. Ferrari will typically supply one or two of their Method 1 automobiles on the market after they’ve been out of the championship for a few years, with loyal shoppers getting the primary selection. At this assembly, two F1 shoppers made it out, with one driving the 2008 season F2008 Kimi Raikkonen automotive, and the opposite driving the 2013 F138 Fernando Alonso automotive.

2013 F138 Fernando Alonso screaming through Lesmo 1
2013 F138 Fernando Alonso screaming via Lesmo 1

In fact, it wouldn’t be a Ferrari assembly with out the GT automobiles. The Corsa Clienti at Monza this 12 months featured a number of 488 GT3 and GTE automobiles, 458 GTE’s, and even an F430 Scuderia GT3.

A 458 GTE chases a 488 GT3 Evo through Variante Ascari
A 458 GTE chases a 488 GT3 Evo via Variante Ascari

Nevertheless, phrases and footage can solely achieve this a lot. Watch the video, let your ears be bathed within the sounds of screaming V8’s, roaring V12’s, and the snarls of Method 1 automobiles as they have a good time pace at Monza!

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