Few cars out there in the supercar world peel back the technology (and body panels) quite as much as an Ariel Atom. It takes the essence of a performance car and uses the Lotus mantra to extreme effect, namely “Simplify, then add lightness.” The Ariel Atom Mk 3.5 weighs justRead More →

REPAIR & RESTORATION INSTRUCTIONS Eastwood’s exclusive gas tank sealer kits have nearly everything you need to clean a rusty, old, varnished gas tank of all the fuel residue and gunk, and seal it with a virtually impervious internal coating. If you are careful, you can even use it to coat the insideRead More →

The 2021 Ford GT will be available with a host of different colors to help distinguish it from the previous model years. Taking to Twitter, Ford announced that “an all-new graphics package with customizable colors will be available for the 2021 Ford GT.” A GIF included in the tweet showsRead More →

Whether using an aerosol can, an HVLP turbine system, or compressed air and a spray gun, the best way to apply automotive applications is to spray it. Sometimes, however, the final finish doesn’t come out perfectly. Below are eight common problems, what causes them, and how to repair the finish. Problem: DryRead More →

Since Porsche already offers its customers a multitude of ways to customize their vehicles, the carmaker recently went about applying this very same philosophy to its range of timepieces. This customizable Porsche Design Timepiece can be specced out by customers through an online configurator currently available in Europe and setRead More →