BY FRANK ARMAO, SENIOR APPLICATION ENGINEER, THE LINCOLN ELECTRIC COMPANY Aluminum is being specified today in more and more applications because of its many advantages. Aluminum is lightweight (approximately1/3 the weight of steel), has excellent electrical conductivity and better corrosion-resistance properties than steel. As its growth accelerates, operators who areRead More →

ADAPTED FROM NEW LESSONS IN ARC WELDING, THE LINCOLN ELECTRIC COMPANY, 1990 Although many metals are TIG welded, the metal most frequently associated with the process is aluminum, especially with metals of a smaller thickness. Any other processes, of course, can join aluminum, but in the lighter gauges the mostRead More →

HOW TO APPLY Converts, Encapsulates and Seals Rust on Internal Frame Surfaces Phenolic Resin with Zinc Additive Eliminates Further Corrosion EASTWOOD’S INTERNAL FRAME COATING is designed to eliminate and encapsulate internal rust. Formulated with an impenetrable Phenolic Resin, blended with Zinc Phosphate to eliminate rust and protect against any further corrosion.Read More →

Each Rose has its thorns. Yeah, I’m a disciple of the 80’s… So what! However Brett Michaels obtained it proper. Each paint system has its quirks. There are delicate variations in mixtures, dry instances, and different idiosyncrasies that give us a studying curve to be absorbed. Such can be the caseRead More →

There are several solutions for abrasive blasting based on the situation, and Eastwood has you covered for all of them. Our pressure sandblasters are a powerful way to grind rust off of frames, housings, chassis and other heavy-duty parts. For sheet metal and other thin metals, a soda blaster willRead More →

SAFETYThis product was designed for and is intended solely for use by trained professionals. Read all warning statements and heed all recommended safety precautions before proceeding. DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM WITHOUT SUFFICIENT VENTILATION. Users must wear appropri- ate, properly fitted NIOSH-approved activated charcoal cartridge respirator if a forced fresh-airRead More →