Since the Nurburgring Nordschleife reopened to tourist drives (touristenfahrten) earlier in the month, more and more people are now going to the Nordschleife. This is good news for those hoping to spy a car or two out there quietly, or in this case, not so quietly, doing testing and validationRead More →

A 25% Reduction in Workforce The McLaren Group hasn’t been having a great time. COVID-19 has caused a significant drop in revenue and that has forced the company to make some tough decisions. The company announced it will cut 25 percent of its workforce due to the present situation, accordingRead More →

With the upcoming release of the SF90 Stradale flagship car, Ferrari decided to make the best of the global pandemic to make sure it has a proper release movie. With the Monaco Grand Prix canceled, and many people still self-isolating in the tiny Principality, it didn’t take much to haveRead More →

SCD members Martin and Sue experience the first Tour Delle Dolomites in all its glory from Austria to Italy.  Written by: Martin and Sue Brown There’s something about the allure of ribbon mountain roads and crystal lakes that made the inaugural Dolomites tour a must-do. After two Tartan Florio toursRead More →